Urgosorb™ dressing: management of acute and chronic wounds

Urgosorb™ dressing: management of acute and chronic wounds

Author(s) : Jenny Stevens, Donna Chaloner


This article illustrates the outcomes of a 10-patient prospective case study series. The aim of the study was to evaluate the use of UrgosorbTM in the management of acute and chronic wounds. (UrgosorbTM is a dressing comprising calcium alginate fibres and hydrocolloid, and is recommended for sloughy and granulating wounds with moderate to high levels of exudate.) Parameters assessed were the effectiveness of exudate management and integrity of surrounding tissue, ease of removal,
patient comfort, effectiveness of odour control and observation for any adverse reactions. Data were collected over
a period of 6weeks with weekly evaluations. Healing was not included in the study objectives as it was recognized this would be difficult on a range of highly variable wounds. Although healing was not assessed, 50% of the wounds did heal during the study period. Dressing removal was considered easy in the majority of cases, and patients experienced none, or only mild discomfort. Levels of exudate were well managed and there were no reports of any adverse events.

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Last update : January 19, 2021