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Compression therapy designed for you:

  • Two-layer bandage system providing reduced compression
  • Unique PresSure System to optimise the safe application of reduced therapeutic pressure ~ 20 mmHg
  • Increased patient concordance
  • Easy to apply
  • Available as latex-free


KTechLayer 1: KTECH Lite /Reduced (wadding: viscose, polyester; knitted layer: polyamide, elastane)

  • White short-stretch bandage, providing compression, protection and absorbency



KPress Layer 2: KPRESS (acrylic, polyamide, elastane; cohesive material containing natural latex*)

  • Pink/beige cohesive long-stretch bandage, providing the additional compression necessary to achieve the therapeutic pressure for leg ulcers and securing the bandage system in place

* For patients and practitioners allergic to latex, a latex free option is available

KPRESS Latex Free: cotton, polyester, polyamide, elastane; synthetic latex free cohesive material.

Mode of action

UrgoK2 Lite/ KTwo Reduced is a two layer compression bandage system, which benefits from the exclusive technology of the PresSure system.
The PresSure System has been specifically designed to aid the application of the recommended therapeutic pressure (average 20 mmHg) for mixed aetiology leg ulcers from the first application.
The reduced compression provided by UrgoK2 Lite/ KTwo Reduced can also be used for patients unable to tolerate full compression, or as part of a step up approach.

This website is an international website. Some products or sizes can therefore be unavailable in some countries. For more information, please contact us.

Benefits for the wound

  • Good absorption of exudate
  • Uniform pressure protects bony prominences and avoids high pressure points
  • Provides an average pressure of 20 mmHg
  • Enhances healing rates

benefits-for-professionnalBenefits for health professionals

  • Includes patients normally excluded from compression therapy
  • Pressure indicator to ensure that correct consistent compression is applied every time
  • Accurate pressure from the first application
  • High levels of absorbency
  • Good patient concordance
  • Choice of ready-to-use kits for different ankle sizes

benefits-for-patientBenefits for patients

  • Massage effect when walking (low resting pressure, higher walking pressure),
  • Improving venous return and oedema reduction
  • Comfortable day and night = improved patient concordance
  • Reduced bandage slippage
  • Low bulk allows wearing of normal footwear
  • Enhances healing rates
  • Enhances quality of life
  • Latex Free option available

k2_ulcerUrgoK2 Lite / KTwo Reduced is indicated for the treatment of venous and mixed aetiology leg ulcers, venous oedema and lymphoedema, which require a reduced level of compression.


  • Arterial conditions (arterial or predominantly arterial ulcers; known or suspected arterial disease)
  • Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI) < 0.6.
  • Patients suffering from diabetic microangiopathy, ischaemic phlebitis, septic thrombosis.
  • Ulceration as a result of infection.
  • Allergy to any of the components – in particular latex for the “non-latex free” version

Instructions for use

Before applying the bandages:

  • Examine the shape of the leg and identify any areas at risk of excessive pressure (i.e. bony prominences)
  • Protect and reshape leg with wadding (K-Soft) if necessary. If a wound is present, apply an appropriate dressing before applying any bandages.
  • Measure the ankle circumference and and choose the correct kit accordingly (ankle size 18-25cm or 25-32cm).
  • It is preferable to apply the compression system first thing in the morning or after the patient’s legs have been elevated for an hour to minimise any orthostatic oedema.

“Below – knee” application (venous or mixed aetiology leg ulcers and venous oedema)


Ankle circumference 18-25cm kit – 50% overlap

  • Place foot at 90° angle – “toes to nose”. Apply KTECH Lite /Reduced from the base of the toes with 1 or 2 turns to anchor in place, ensuring the wadding is in contact with the skin and the pressure indicator is at the top edge, towards the patient. Secure the heel with a figure of eight, ensuring full coverage of the heel. Do not apply full stretch when bandaging the foot.
  • Apply the bandage in a spiral up the leg from the malleolus, stretching the bandage so that the pressure indicator forms a circle, and overlapping the bandage so the pressure indicator is just covered (50% overlap). Finish bandaging 2cm below the popliteal space. Cut off any excess bandage and secure with tape.
  • Apply KPRESS (or KPRESS Latex Free) over KTECH Lite using the same application technique as KTECH Lite. For patient comfort, allow a small border of KTECH Lite at the toes and knee. Once applied, press down gently on the bandage to ensure full cohesion.

Once the leg has been bandaged, It is important to cut off any excess bandage as extra wrapping will increase the pressure.


Ankle circumference 25-32cm kit – 2/3 overlap

Apply in the same way as the 18-25cm kit, covering the pressure indicator printed in the middle of the bandage (2/3 overlap).


UrgoK2 Lite / KTwo Reduced (or UrgoK2 Lite /KTwo Reduced Latex Free) should be left in place both day and night until the next dressing change at the discretion of the clinician.

Precautions for use

  • Check that the ABPI > 0.6 using Doppler ultrasound before prescribing the bandage system.
  • In the event of diabetes, heart failure or advanced micro-vascular disease, use the compression system with close medical monitoring following appropriate treatment.
  • If peri-ulcer infectious dermatosis is present, treat the infection before commencing treatment with the compression system.
  • If the ulcer is from rare aetiology (vasculitis, haemopathy, pyoderma gangrenosum etc.) the compression system should only be used following specialist referral.
  • The efficacy of UrgoK2 Lite/KTwo Reduced (or UrgoK2 Lite/KTwo Reduced Latex Free) has been tested and validated for the application of KTECH Lite/Reduced and KPRESS (or KPRESS Latex Free) together.
  • The PresSure System has been specifically designed to aid application of the bandages; it is important to follow the instructions carefully to achieve the recommended therapeutic pressure.
  • The UrgoK2Lite / KTwo Reduced (or UrgoK2 Latex Free / KTwo Reduced Latex Free) kits are designed for single use only.
  • Store away from light and heat.
  • KPRESS may be washed up to 5 times at 40°C – air dry flat.
  • KTECH Lite/Reduced and KPRESS Latex Free are not washable. The level of compression cannot be guaranteed after washing.

ktwo_liteRange available

UrgoK2 Lite / KTwo Reduced kit

Contains 1 KTECH Lite and 1 KPRESS

  • Available in 10cm width for ankle sizes:
    18-25cm stretch-bandage (KTECH Lite: 6m long; KPRESS: 7.5m long) and 25-32cm stretch-bandage (KTECH Lite: 7.3m long; KPRESS: 10.5m long).

urgok2-lite-latex-freeUrgoK2/KTwo Lite Latex Free kit

Contains 1 KTECH Lite and 1 KPRESS Latex Free

  • Available in 10cm width for ankle sizes:
    18-25cm stretch-bandage (KTECH Lite: 6m long; KPRESS Latex Free 7.15m long) and 25-32 cm stretch-bandage (KTECH Lite: 7.3m long; KPRESS Latex-free 10.5m long

This website is an international website. Some products or sizes can therefore be unavailable in some countries. For more information, please contact us.
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