“Setting a new clinical pathway for accelerated healing of chronic wounds”

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“Setting a new clinical pathway for accelerated healing of chronic wounds”



Once again, URGO Medical confirms its strong commitment to wound healing by participating to the next EWMA Congress (European Wound Management Association) which will be held in Bremen (Germany) from 11 to 13 May 2016.


Chronic wounds represent a significant burden to patients with almost 30% of chronic wound patients suffering from depression*.  This is why, more and more thought leaders in woundcare are implementing clinical pathways that can heal patients faster. 


All the healthcare professionals attending the EWMA congress are invited to attend an International Symposium to learn more about the latest advances in healing of chronic wounds faster.



“Setting a new clinical pathway for accelerated healing of chronic wounds”.


On this occasion, we are honored to announce that Dr Münter, along with prominent speakers, will be chairing our symposium with the following program:


  •  “What do we need to resolve within the wound to accelerate healing?”

 By Pr. Steven L Percival, PhD, Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease, University of Liverpool, UK


  • “When the risk of infection is present: Urgoclean Ag with complete cleaning action”

By Dr. Michèle Sigal, MD, CH Victor Dupouy, Argenteuil, France


  • “UrgoStart as standard of care to accelerate healing for your chronic wound patients”

By Dr. Sylvie Meaume, MD, Gerontologist-Dermatologist, Head of Clinical Gerontology Department, Wound Care Unit, Hospital Rothschild APHP, University of Paris, UPMC, France


  • “Why UrgoStart should be the first line treatment for chronic wounds: an analysis of more than 13,000 patients”

By Dr. med. Karl-Christian Münter, GP and Phlebologist, Group Practice, Hamburg, Germany


Be ready to be one of the 250 privileged people to attend our symposium!


* Woo K : Wound-related pain: anxiety, stress and wound healing. Wounds UK 2011; 6(4):98


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