Urgo Foundation : Call for projects 2014

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Urgo Foundation : Call for projects 2014

Call for projects 2014: Innovative initiatives and practices for the prevention and management of Diabetic Foot Ulcers



The mission of the URGO Foundation is to extend the reach of Laboratoires URGO’s commitment to public health.


The Foundation focuses on three action pathways:

  • Supporting scientific research
  • Accompanying therapeutic training and prevention activities
  • Encouraging healthcare stakeholders via grants and scientific awards



download_application_formThe URGO Foundation supports innovative and original projects on diabetic foot ulcers. Projects may be submitted by any healthcare professional working in the field: specialists, clinicians, multidisciplinary teams, etc.


Proposed projects may be focused on the prevention or the management of the pathology, in particular:

  • infection management
  • post-amputation physical therapy
  • wound debridement
  • first-line dressing choice (recommendations, protocols, use, etc.)
  • caregiver training
  • management of the patient, the wound and comorbidities
  • improvement of patient compliance
  • epidemiological data and healthcare networks


This call for projects is being organized in 6 countries by the URGO Foundation: The United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, China, Vietnam, and Thailand.


Deadline for submitting an application : 30th June 2014.

Last update : July 14, 2020