UrgoK2 is now indicated for Lymphoedema

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UrgoK2 is now indicated for Lymphoedema

picto_compressionAs for venous leg ulcers, lymphoedema is a major concern for patients, healthcare professionals and for us at Urgo Medical.


UlymphoedemargoK2 is a two layer compression bandage system that combines long stretch and short stretch bandages. UrgoK2 benefits from the exclusive technology of the PresSure system guarantying the correct application of the recommended therapeutic pressure.


pressureSince September 2013, UrgoK2 is indicated for lymphoedema, in addition to venous leg ulcer management. It can now be applied to reduce volume in a lymphoedematous limb especially by reducing capillary filtration, increasing lymphatic reabsorption and stimulating lymphatic transport.


UrgoK2, doing more in compression.


Last update : August 14, 2020