UrgoStart reduces healing time by 100 days on average *

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UrgoStart reduces healing time by 100 days on average *

UrgoStart reduces healing time by 100 days on average*


Leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers take on average more than 210 days to heal.  For several months, these patients suffer from pain, anxiety and stress.  Reduced healing time of chronic wounds is recognized as a priority by clinicians and by health authorities(1).


This is why Urgo Medical’s mission is to develop innovative solutions to help healthcare professionals to reduce healing time.


Today, Urgo Medical is proud to announce the publication of the results of its REALITY analysis in the Journal of Wound Care.


REALITY is a pooled data analysis of 8 real-life observational studies conducted on more than 10 000 patients in France and in Germany treated with UrgoStart dressings. This analysis has enabled to observe that UrgoStart reduces healing time by 100 days on average.  

REALITY analysis also suggests that the earlier the decision to use UrgoStart, the shorter the time to closure, whatever the severity and the nature of these chronic wounds.


Because we know that 100 days without a wound really makes a difference for patients, we work every day to reduce healing time.


To read the full publication: JoWC_2017_26_2_S4_S15_Bohbot_Web


(1) French Health Insurance Report to the Ministry of Health for 2014. July 2013.

 * Münter KC, Meaume S, Augustin M, Senet P, Kérihuel J.C. The reality of routine practice: a pooled data analysis on chronic wounds treated with TLC-NOSF wound dressings. Journal of Wound Care 2017; 26: WUWHS Suppl, S4–S15.

Last update : August 15, 2020